Organic Aromas Radiance Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Organic Aromas Radiance Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Professional aromatherapists use a wide variety of items to create the ideal setting for their clients. A session involves exuding fragrance that people breathe in to feel calm.

You also have to make sure their body absorbs the essential oil as it spreads across the room via mist or spray.

However, caring for all the bottles, candles, sprays, and other items you need for a session can be frustrating.

Organic Aromas essential oil diffuser helping in yoga practice


Investing in an essential oil diffuser can be a great idea. Modern diffusers are powerful enough to spread the fragrance over a large room within a couple of hours.

Purchasing a diffuser from a leading brand can make things easier for you. There are many options available on the market, and you might feel confused about selecting the right one.

About The Product

Organic Aromas is a reliable and reputable brand of essential oil diffusers. Their products are popular among not just regular users but for professionals as well.

Purchasing a diffuser from them is a great option if you regularly use essential oil, regardless of the purpose. This Radiance Essential Oil Diffuser is among the leading products on the market today.

Here is a look at the notable features of this essential oil diffuser:

One-Year Warranty

Organic Aromas backs the quality of this product with a one-year warranty. The warranty covers parts and service, which means that you can ask the brand to repair it without incurring any expenses out of pocket.

You can contact the manufacturer directly to avail the warranty. This warranty makes this diffuser a risk-free purchase for you.

Nebulizing Effect

You can ensure that the concentrated fragrance spreads over a large area in virtually no time. The nebulizing effect of this diffuser makes this one of the strongest models on the market today.

Organic Aromas essential oil diffuser helping during a massage


Pure Essential Oil

This diffuser only works with pure essential oil. You cannot get the diffuser to work if you add diluted essential oil, i.e., essential oils mixed with water.

Diluted essential oils increase the risk of mold on the diffuser, which this model eliminates. Moreover, the diffuser does not produce any heat, which ensures that the essential oil has maximum effect.

Plus, the brand does not use any plastic, which reduces the risk of toxic chemicals leeching.

Air Pump

The diffuser features an ultra-durable air pump. The pump breaks down the oil into tiny micro-particles, which it then diffuses across the room. Your body can absorb these tiny particles better than a thick mist.

Quiet Operation

The air pump features whisper-quiet technology, ensuring the diffuser does not produce any noise even when running.

Usage Cycle

The diffuser follows a specific pattern when operating. The unit diffuses essential oil for two minutes and then stops for a minute, before resuming.

Organic Aromas Radiance essential oil diffuser


You can run the diffuser for up to two hours at a time, after which it shuts off automatically. This duration is enough to spread the fragrance over a large area.

LED Lighting

The diffuser exudes warm lighting, which you can turn on or off according to your requirements. This model features unique rainbow-carousel lighting, using the LED light system of the diffuser.

Solid Hardwood Construction

Organic Aromas uses hardwood for making this diffuser, which they then paint with lacquer. The model looks great in any setting, adding to the décor of the room. Plus, the hardwood construction means that you will be able to use the diffuser for many years to come.


The diffuser requires 110 to 220v of electrical power for operation. You need to plug it into an electrical outlet to get it to start working.



  • Rainbow-carousel LED lighting
  • Hardwood construction
  • Preset usage cycle
  • Noiseless operation
  • Only uses pure essential oils
  • Nebulizing effect
  • One-year warranty
  • Poor customer service
  • Cannot work with diluted oils

What Others Are Saying

A majority of people who purchased this product on Amazon are happy with its features and performance.

A customer wrote that this diffuser is better than any other nebulizer you will find on the market. He further stated he decided to throw out the other items he was using for aromatherapy and is all praises for the fragrance dispensing of this diffuser.

Another customer wrote that this diffuser enables her to use essential oils without the risk of their effect diluting because of heat. She further mentions that she uses it in different rooms around her home.

Another reviewer initially gave the product a 4-star review but updated it to 5 stars after using it for a year. On the other hand, a few customers did not have a pleasant experience with this diffuser.

Organic Aromas Radiance essential oil diffuser


A customer complained that the diffuser broke after a few months of use and he was unable to get a replacement. Another customer echoed this sentiment, stating that the diffuser did not work after the first couple of times.

Buying Advice

You can conveniently place an order for this essential oil diffuser on Amazon and receive it at your doorstep.

The product is available for around $100, regardless of the color option you choose. The two colors available to you are light and dark brown wood rose.

The price remains the same for each color, and you also get free shipping. You can also browse other essential oil diffusers on Amazon that offer better features or ones that work with diluted oils.


Overall, this essential oil diffuser is a great purchase. The features it offers are great, even if you work with essential oils professionally. There are numerous pros that you enjoy but without any major drawbacks.

The price is reasonable as well, and customers who used it previously are happy with its performance. Therefore, the bottom-line is you should consider purchasing this diffuser.