6 Most Common Essential Oils Uses

6 Most Common Essential Oils Uses

If your mental or physical health is not up to par and you want to start incorporating healthy habits into your life, why not start with essential oils? Whether you're anxious or dealing with allergies, there is an essential oil that can alleviate and possibly eliminate your health issues immediately.

We have found six essential oils and split them up into categories based on how they can help you medicinally. Hopefully, you will put some of this knowledge into use and change your lifestyle for a healthy one.

Essential Oils For Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental illness you’ll find in America. What people aren’t aware of is that anxiety symptoms could be alleviated through the wonders of aromatherapy.

Esential Oil And Lavander Flowers

If you've never used essential oils for a medical reason, you'll be surprised by the effects that take over your body when you're first exposed. Even the smell of certain essential oils can cause blood pressure to lower and ease your anxious mind.

Below we have found some essential oils that would be ideal for those with anxiety to take advantage of.


If the smell of lavender flowers calms you down, then you can best believe that the essential oil version will do the same. Lavender is considered to be one of the most prevalent essential oils because its positive effects towards your body are overwhelming.

Lavender is known to restore your nervous system, which can come in handy if you have trouble sleeping, or constantly have to deal with panic attacks. Numerous clinical trials all claim that by simply inhaling lavender, your stress and anxiety levels go down.

All you have to do is place some drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow before you go to sleep and you’ll be in a state of peace.


When people hear of roses, they think of their loved ones. What if we told you that roses have medicinal benefits to them that could help those enduring depression and anxiety? Rose essential oil is excellent for calming your mind, so you feel a sense of tranquility take over your body.

In fact, rose comes in second place for being an essential oil to help treat anxiety. The smell of rose oil can alleviate panic attacks, and lessen the pain of having to deal with grief.

If you happen to be pregnant, soaking your feet in rose oil for ten minutes every day will help reduce any pain you feel in your feet. Even using rose essential oil for your aromatherapy can aid in creating a calming atmosphere in your home.

If anxiety isn’t a major concern of yours, then you should continue reading to find an essential oil that will address your health concerns. The next two essential oils we’ll be looking at have to deal with sleeping.

Essential Oils For Sleep

About 30 percent of Americans are getting less than six hours of sleep. By not allowing your body to recharge, you'll leave yourself vulnerable to illnesses you might develop later on in life.

Essential Oils For Sleeping

Thankfully, there are some essential oils for sleep out there that will knock you out in a matter of minutes.


The ylang-ylang flowers bloom in Indonesia and have been used for many years by natives there for medicinal purposes. As essential oils grew in popularity, people started to demand an essential oil version of the ylang-ylang flower.

Ylang-ylang flowers produce a particular oil that is considered to be a sedative, so it's no wonder that it's effective towards lessening hypertension. Since it is a sedative essential oil, the smell of it will send signals to your brain to start getting ready for sleep.

You don't have to use ylang-ylang essential oil purely for sleeping. In fact, most people love the light floral scent of it so much that they end up using it as perfume.


You may have heard of chamomile tea bein great for helping you sleep. If you’re a big fan of chamomile tea for this purpose, then you’ll be happy to hear about chamomile essential oil.

For centuries, humans have relied on the natural sedative quality of chamomile to help treat various medical conditions. In fact, countless modern day studies have shown that exposing yourself to chamomile will drastically help you fight off your insomnia.

Chamomile functions similarly to lavender because it will also reduce your heart rate, skin temperature, and blood pressure, which helps your body go into deep sleep in a short time span.

To receive the full effect of chamomile essential oil, all you have to do is sprinkle two drops of the oil into steaming water. You'll want to take five to ten deep breaths over the steam so the smell of the oil can seep into your pores. We guarantee you that in minutes you'll be fast asleep.

Essential Oils For Allergies

The essential oils that fight off allergies usually function by fighting any infections or bacteria present, so your body ends up going through a detox.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Essential oils for allergies will minimize the overreaction of your immune system when it’s allergy season. So you end up sweating and urinating most of the harmless invaders that your body thinks is a serious health hazard.

Keep reading for more information about an essential oil that will make allergy season a bit tolerable.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is one of the few essential oils that can prove to be useful when you're enduring a bad cough. In fact, this oil will ensure instant relief to those who have to clear out a lot of phlegm to breath normally again.

Allergies typically cause the inflammation of certain parts of your body. If your allergies largely cause inflammation in your respiratory system, peppermint oil is one of the few treatments that will significantly decrease those symptoms.

Your airways will feel fresh air running through it once you expose yourself to the scent of peppermint oil. 

In order to make adequate use of this essential oil, you have the option to apply it topically or diffuse it. It’s up to you as to how to wish to treat your allergies.

Those who constantly put up with headaches will be glad to find out that there is an essential oil that can get the job done by eliminating the problem.

Essential Oils For Headaches

Whenever you have a headache, you no longer have to go rushing for your bottle of painkillers because there is an essential oil that will take care of it for you.

In the long run, relying on an essential oil is less addictive than exposing yourself to painkillers. Below is the last essential oil we will be going into detail about today.


Similar to chamomile, people have been using rosemary oil for treating headaches as well as enhancing circulation for some time now. Rosemary oil has the same properties as your painkillers, but it alleviates the pain your body is undergoing naturally.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Many hospitals end up relying on rosemary essential oil to help those with opiate withdrawals. As you can see, if rosemary oil can help those dealing with excruciating withdrawals, it can definitely help you with your headaches.

By applying rosemary oil topically to your temples and neck area, you’ll begin to feel its effects taking place.


Essential oils can provide the relief you require from illnesses you probably thought you could never overcome. At the end of the day, essential oils will give you the self-confidence you need to always place your health as a top priority.