Why Should You Select The Best Essential Oil Diffuser

Why Should You Select The Best Essential Oil Diffuser

The best way to spread the strong and relaxing aroma of essential oils is to diffuse them. Diffusion is a pretty neat process in which the oil heats up for quick and effective dispersion.

There are a variety of ways you can diffuse and disperse essential oils using basic kitchen items and whatnot. However, to make the task even easier, investing in a quality essential oil diffuser is strongly recommended.

They are cost-effective products - and if used and maintained adequately, could last you a lifetime. There are different types of diffusing devices that you can select.

But we are going to focus on how you can select the best essential oil diffuser by identifying the right materials and selecting a product that suits your specifications and need.

On the other hand, first, let's shed some light on why you should use a diffuser and the various benefits associated with oil diffuser.

Why Should I Use An Oil Diffuser?

That is a good question – however, the answer is pretty simple, and that is the fact that an oil diffuser can make life way simpler. Sure, you can resort to traditional methodologies associated with lighting essential oils.

But who has the time and strength for that anymore? With your busy schedule, it is best that you go for something that is easy to use and simple to maintain.

Here is where diffuser devices come into the picture. They are minimalistic in design, and all you have to do is add a bit of water and few drop of essential oil in it. Then just plug it in and voila, instant diffusion and dispersion. It is that simple.

Plus, oil diffusers don’t cost much and don’t have a very sophisticated electrical design. You can easily replace the components and have the device repaired without spending through the roof.

9 Exceptional Benefits Of A Quality Essential Oil Diffuser

There is no question oil diffusers are incredible tools that effectively disperse healthy essential oil aroma into the air. Inhaling the fragrance is the best way to reap the health benefits.

Although a lot of these oils topically and many even ingest them, inhaling the oil is said to be more beneficial. However, an essential oil diffuser is not only great for enhancing your well-being, but it can help with plenty of other things.

Essential oil with herbs on wooden background

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In light of this, mentioned below are 9 of the most amazing advantages and the reasons you should opt for one:

Helps Calm The Body And Mind And Enhanced Your Sleep Pattern

One of the top reasons why people use essential oils is because of their capability to completely relax your body and help boost your sleep patterns. After coming from a hectic day at work, a couple of whiffs of your favorite essential oil and you’ll feel revitalized and energized again.

However, without a diffuser, you will have to resort to either apply it topically or ingest it. And there will be times that you simply don't feel like either of the two. The best and permanent alternative to your endeavor is an oil diffuser.

You can keep a battery powered or electrical diffuser at your home and workplace for instant relaxation. Just plug it in, add a few drop of the essential oil and start meditating, inhaling the aroma.

Essential oils work when inhaled and will help boost your energy and calm your mind and body when it is time for some shut eye.

Elevating Your Mood

The same way an oil diffuser can help you completely de-stress, it can also help enhance your mood, especially after a long day at work.

Moreover, its mood lifting qualities is effective for people suffering from depression or anxiety. You can plug-in the diffuser and start inhaling the fragrances as soon as you feel down and need some energy. 

Essential oil diffuser with different essential oils

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Plus, a diffuser can also be pretty amazing for boardroom meetings and social gatherings. You can also use it to get a positive kick to your mornings after you come out of the shower.

Keep Viral Illnesses At Bay

A good oil diffuser installed in your home or workplace is a pretty neat way to keeping illnesses such as cold and flu at bay.

Diffusers work in three different stages to help with this. Firstly, it is important to understand that essential oils are naturally anti-microbial.

When slightly burned at released into the air, the vapor from the oil can quickly counteract the pathogen in airborne illnesses, quickly eliminating the threat before the virus enters your body.

Moreover, essential oils are good for boosting your immune system. Lastly, there are essential oil diffusers that have a double functionality.

They work as humidifiers as well, which is perfect for people with respiratory illnesses such as asthma. These diffusers can keep your airways clean and moist, significantly minimizing the threat of airborne viruses and infection.

Breathe More Comfortably

When you talk about natural treatments and remedies, nothing is better than essential oils for enhancing your breathing. They contain antimicrobials as well as anti-inflammatory properties that can help eliminate inflammation as well as congestion.

Inhaling the vapor of the oils can quickly open clogged and congested airways allowing you to breathe more comfortably. It is important that you remember to keep a box of tissues handy while inhaling the aroma.

Sleeping with essential oil diffuser

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The essential oils will work fast to open your sinuses and your nose, so you would have to remove all the snot gushing out of your nose.

Pain Alleviation

While a lot of people might suggest that you should topically apply essential oils on your body to get rid joint pain and whatnot, it is, however, quite effective to inhale it. Inhaling the vapors can extend the effects of the oils.

They last long, which is excellent for people suffering from acute pain – such as the one caused by migraines, joint inflammation, fatigued muscles, and normal headaches.

Enhanced Cognitive Functionality

Using a quality essential oil diffuser is a sure-shot way to enhance your brain-cells. Again, the effects of inhaling the vapor work on different levels. First of all, natural oils contain plenty of adaptogenic properties.

These chemical properties help give a therapeutic effect when you are feeling stressed out. However, these same adaptogenic chemicals can boost your energy – revitalizing your entire being.

By balancing your mood, these essential oils help increase your focus and concentration, which is ideal when you have a deadline coming up and have to complete your project.

Just set install the diffuser in your office, take slow and deep breaths of the essential oil vapor, and you'll feel more energized and focus than ever before.

Moreover, plenty of powerful essential oils can help balance vital hormones. Frequently using these oils can help eliminate underlying symptoms or causes that can lead to a declined cognitive function.

Essential Oils Are Good Insect Repellents

There are a lot of essential oils you can use as insect repellents. Whether you are dealing with houseflies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects or creepy crawlies, an oil diffuser can help keep them at bay. Not to mention these oils will also keep you healthy and mentally fresh.

White essential oil diffuser standing on a book in the garden

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Gets Rid Of All The Bad Odor In The Environment

You can also use grapefruit and other citric essential oils to eliminate pungent or smoky odor in your room.

Regulates Body Temperature

If you’re worried you have to pay a lot in energy bills during summer months, you can resort to using essential oil diffusers to cool your room's overall temperature effectively.

Plenty of oils can do this, for example, mint oil. You will not have to keep the air condition unit running day in and day out.

Types Of Oil Diffusers You Can Get Your Hands On

Oil diffusers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As for what you should go for, there are four types of diffusers available on the market:

Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

These oil diffusers are the most effective and powerful vaporizers on the market. They are suitable for continuous operation and easy use. Moreover, nebulizers don't require heating anything, and you don't have to use any water.

All you have to do is attach the little bottle of your favorite essential oil into the device and just turn it on. Because the oil is attached to the diffuser, the spray will be more concentrated and thick.

It will effectively spray the contents as it is integrated with a cutting-edge atomizer to form airborne particles of the essential oil. The Quooz essential oil diffuser, for example, comes with multiple control functionalities and

Nebulazing essential oil diffuser

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These diffusers are ideal for people that are suffering from different illnesses and require a consistent and balanced amount of airborne essential oil particles for easy and quick inhalation.

It is easy to use. Just attach the bottle once and turn on the device. That is it, no need to fill any water or worry about overheating the device. If you’re looking to inhale thick and concentrated vapor, nebulizers are perfect for you.

These devices are also fitted with LED light so that you can operate them at night. You can set the timer on the diffuser, and it will automatically turn itself off once you’re fast asleep. On the other hand, nebulizers are pretty noisy.

They generate more sound than ultrasonic diffusers. And because nebulizers spray thick and concentrated smoke clouds, your essential oil bottles won't even last a day. Plus, these devices a lot more money compared to ultrasonic diffusers.

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Ultrasonic diffusers are similar to nebulizers in design and functionality. However, ultrasonic devices produce a fine vapor, unlike nebulizers. Think of breathing in a light mist. But when there's mist, there is water. You have to refill the device with water constantly.

The concentration of the essentials oil isn't that strong or potent. But a pretty cool thing about ultrasonic diffusers is the fact they can be used as humidifiers as well. The PureSpa by Pure Enrichment ultrasonic diffuser, for example, offer a 7-hour vapor coverage.

You can use the device in winter as well. On the other hand, remember not to use citric based essential oil in ultrasonic diffusers – these oils will corrode some vital components of the machine.

Apart from its dual functionality, the diffuser isn't that expensive as well. But the tool needs to be thoroughly cleaned after use. So, if you use it every day, you’ll have to clean it every day too.

Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser on the table

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Plus, you will also need to prepare the water and oil mixture as well, so yeah, it can be a bit of a hassle.

Evaporative Essential Oil Diffuser

Evaporative diffusers feature a fan and a filter. Just fit the bottle inside the device. The bottle will constantly release drops of essential on a pad below; the fan will evaporate the oil diffusing and spread it more effectively throughout the room.

One major disadvantage of evaporative diffusers is the fact that light elements of the oil will be evaporated first – meaning the vapor will initially be weak and not concentrated in the slightest.

The heavier elements of the oil will be evaporated later, which means you will have to wait for the vapor to get thicker.

Heat Essential Oil Diffusers

Heat diffusers are quite similar to evaporative devices in design and functionality. Instead of using a fan, these devices heat the oil for quick and effective evaporation.

However, you have to understand that the chemical compounds in the oil will change drastically as soon as they come in contact with high heat. So, you may not get the full range of health benefits associated with essential oil.

Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

If you’re looking a more personalized device for absorbing the goodness of essential oils, then essential oil diffuser necklace is perfect for you.

Evaporative essential oil diffuser connected to a laptop

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The device is designed using non-toxic pads that quickly absorb and diffuse little drop of oil, enhancing your concentration and overall health.

Diffuser Materials You Can Opt For

While there are plenty of materials, you can choose, the material a particular diffuser incorporates is purely for aesthetical reasons. It does not enhance or inhibit vapor production in any way. The type you go with is purely preference-based.

However, in light of this, mentioned below are some popular materials available on the market:


There are different types of wood that are used to manufacture essential oil diffuser. While faux wood is the most popular option, bamboo essential oil diffuser has also become quite popular these days.

Wooden diffusers provide a more luxurious and contemporary look and feel. Not to mention they can go with virtually any interior décor. However, you have to be extra careful while handling wood-based diffusers.

Neglect handling them with care can chip or break the wooden exterior. Moreover, cleaning wood-based diffusers can be a bit tricky because excess moisture will destroy the material. So, whatever you do, use a super damp cloth to clean dust and stain on the product.


Glass is another great option if you are looking for enhanced aesthetical factors. Glass diffusers come in a variety of different colors and shapes. Moreover, they can help accentuate your interior décor.

Not to mention, glass devices are integrated with different LED light. But the only drawback to glass products is the fact they are quite delicate. You have to handle them carefully.

Wooden essential oil diffuser in the office

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Glass breaks easy so whatever you do never place the diffuser on the edge of your table. And make your pets or kids don’t go near the device when it’s operational.

On the other hand, cleaning glass diffuser is quite easy compared to their wooden counterparts. All you need is a damp cloth to clean any dust or stains off of the product. Just be sure you don’t roughly handle the device.


Again, the material is for purely decorative purposes. Ceramic diffusers are also more expensive than the rest of the materials. However, the material can add some class and chic in your room or lounge.

Ceramic is also a sensitive material. You can’t afford to be harsh with it while using the device or cleaning it. Place it somewhere out of the reach of children on pets. Plus, the ceramic devices are a bit heavier than wood or glass-based products.

Other Important Specifications Of Essential Oil Diffusers

There are few important specifications of essential oil diffuser you should consider:


Regular essential oil diffusers are designed to hold about 100ml to 150ml of water, which can last you a couple of hours in the least. But the capacity of a quality diffuser is also subject to preference and frequency of use.

If you wish to use a diffuser for 5 to 7 hours every day, you will require a device that holds a larger quantity of water and oil. Quality oil diffusers for long-term use come with an average capacity of 200ml to 250 ml.

LED Lighting

You can also opt for diffusers that come integrated with a string of multicolored LED lighting. While this feature is pretty awesome, different LED lights signal different functionalities and options inside the diffuser.

Ceramic essential oil diffuser in the dinning room

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Apart from telling you what control to use and options to set via a particular light, LED lights are purely for aesthetical purposes. Moreover, these lights also make it easy for people to use the device in the dark, reducing the chances of dropping and damaging the product.

You can also use the diffuser as a nightlight while operating during the night, just as you are about to sleep.

Automatic Shut Off

Of all the features in a diffuser, this one is perhaps the most important one. The automatic shut off functionality can be handy if you intend to switch the diffuser on and go to sleep.

Not only can you prolong its use and inhale essential oils as you sleep, but you also won't have to worry about having to get up and switch the device off. Almost all top notch essential oil diffusers come with an automatic shut off option.

Mist Control

This feature is also important. The mist control system enables you to set the device to spray thick or thin airborne vapors of the essential oil.

You should be able to switch to thicker sprays if you want to intensify the effects of essential oils. However, if you want to conserve the oil and use it sparingly, you can switch to thin mist control.

How To Use An Essential Oil Diffuser

Using an oil diffuser is the simplest thing in the world. In the case of Nebulizing devices, all you need to do is fit the bottle into the device, and the diffuser will take care of the rest.

Locket essential oil diffuser on wooden background

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But when it comes to traditional, water-based diffusers, all you have to do is put attach the bottle to the device and fill diffuser with water. Be careful not to fill it above the mark.

Cleaning And Maintaining Your Oil Diffuser

Cleaning an oil diffuser is pretty simple. But neglect doing so and you may soon have to buy a new one. The best way to clean a diffuser is using vinegar.

But first, fill the diffuser with some fresh water; be sure to stop filling it well below the ‘Max' line. Then add some vinegar and give it a gentle shake. Turn the device on and let it diffuse the solution for about 5 minutes.

Switch it off and completely drain it. The vinegar will help unclog parts of the device that are stuck with essential oil residue.

Dry the device using a cotton swab and give it rinse with cold water. Then empty it and dry it again – you are all set now!

Bottom Line

So now you know what to look for in a good essential oil diffuser. Just remember to always go for quality. You need something that can last you a long while. Opt for top notch brands. For more information on essential oil diffusers read our buying guide.